A Member of a Popular Band Pulled a Zayn Malik and Suddenly Quit the Group

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If we’re being totally honest, we weren’t THAT surprised when Zayn Malik announced that he was leaving One Direction. The 24-year-old was at the center of some serious drama for weeks prior to his departure and, NGL, he seemed pretty darn miserable in 1D for a long time. What we ARE shocked to hear, however, is that Avi Kaplan is saying goodbye to Pentatonix.

The 28-year-old old singer made the announcement that he is leaving the group last week and couldn’t keep his emotions at bay. Avi was joined by the rest of the group as he explained to fans that he decided taking a step back from PTX would be the best decision for him at this point.

“These past six years have been the most unbelievable years of my life,” the crooner said while trying to hold back the tears. “All the things we’ve accomplished, all the music that we’ve made, and the people that we’ve touched with that music, it far surpassed anything I could’ve dreamed for my life.”

Avi basically said that he could no longer keep up with the the fast-pace lifestyle of Pentatonix and it was “extremely hard” for him to be separated from his family and friends for such long periods of time. You can watch the full announcement video, as well as read his statement, below:

We’re gonna miss you, Avi!
You never know what could happen down the road…these artists quit their band and then returned 5+ years later!