Avery Singer: Dress Like These Celebs and You’ll Be a Real-Life Prom Queen

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Avery Singer is back, and blogging about prom all this month. She’s already conquered the makeup and told us about her dream prom, but now it’s time for the most important thing on any girl’s prom list: THE DRESS! Check out Avery’s prom dress tips and see the pretty party frock pics (and the gorgeous celebs wearing them) that inspire her!

“Finding a dress to wear for prom can be a strenuous ordeal. Do you want to wear a short dress, long dress, dark dress, bright dress, a puffy dress, or a tight dress? The lists of options are never ending!

I haven’t yet decided what exactly I want to wear for prom, but I know I want to wear a shorter dress because I want to feel comfortable dancing around all night without worrying about tripping.

I would either want to wear a blue or purple strapless/one shoulder dress because those are my favorite colors. My dress could possibly have some sort of crystals or beading on it. In the end, the dress I choose is something I want to feel great and comfortable in, but I also want it to reflect my individuality.”

Emma Stone Has Rocked The One Shoulder Trend!

Avery Says: This dress is very elegant and a classic prom dress. It comes in purples and blues too. I love how it shows off her curves and the leg with the slit!

Heather Morris‘s LBD Is Great If You Want a Dress That You Can Wear After Prom Too!

Avery Says: This dress is the perfect little black dress to wear for prom! I love the one shoulder with the sweetheart neckline. The crisscross ruching makes the dress feel that much more special and if you’re a ruffle person, you can wear this one again for a post-prom event.

Selena Has Rocked Floor Length Halter Gowns With Some Extra Hot Accessories, Like Justin!

Avery Says: I don’t even know where to begin, I love this dress so much. It’s classy meets sexy.

Hailee Steinfeld <3s a Good Princess Gown

Avery Says: If you want to feel like royalty, this is the dress for you! I love all the beads and the shape of the dress. This is definitely something a princess from the Disney movies would wear.

Haven’t found a dress yet? Peek through Avery’s favorite dresses for prom, then start shopping the fab looks at Macy’s.