The Avengers: Infinity War Cast Reads Mean Tweets & They’re Hilarious!

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In the days leading up to the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, Jimmy Kimmel had members of the cast join him on his late-night show. While there were a BUNCH of great moments from each night, our favorite thing to come out of JK’s Avengers week was none other than the beloved Mean Tweets segment.

Everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Benedict Cumberbatch to Chadwick Boseman participated in the read and, to no one’s surprise, everyone was a pretty great sport. Even though it’s very important to laugh at your haters, it seemed like some of those hateful comments still hurt.

While many of the cast members were able to laugh off some of their comments, like when Scarlett’s emotional range was compared to that of a celery or when a Twitter user said Benedict always looks like he had a bad allergic reaction to shrimp, others didn’t take the rude comments too well.

Sadly, Dave Bautista didn’t look like he was having much fun reading his tweet during the segment. Being called “non talented” is DEFINITELY not cool, but it kinda sounds on brand for his character Drax, no?

Anyway, Tom Holland, Elizabeth Olsen and Samuel L Jackson definitely got a kick out of their mean tweets while Anthony Mackie couldn’t exactly figure out if he agreed with the Twitter user calling him a bug with buck teeth or not…

Even though Chris Evans missed out on Avengers Week on JKL, he still made it into the segment and apparently he just loves reading mean tweets. Back on the late-night show’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10, the actor could barely get through reading, “Chris Evans is a stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork” because he was just laughing SO hard. Well, we just wanna say, if he’s a stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork, then he’s the hottest stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork we’ve ever seen.