5 of the Worst (Yet Completely Hilar!) Autocorrect Fails

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iPhones. Everyone loves ‘em — like Joey Graceffa! — except, of course, when that pesky autocorrect feature gets in their way. Ever try to send a simple “haha” and get “hands” instead? How about changing “tour” to “your?” Well, for these people, their autocorrects not only led to major fails, but also some serious LOLs for us. Check ‘em out! (Thanks for the laughs, WTFautocorrects!)

1. Zumba… Zimbabwe… close enough…

2. Props for trying to be romantic!

3. Hmm, finding an elf might be a little tricky…

4. Uhh, isn’t this the 21st century?

5. Dear LMFAO, did you get the memo about your lyrics changing? “Every day I’m Snuffleupagus!”

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