6 Authors Who HATE Fanfiction Based on Their Books

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Writing a book is HARD work. Heck, sometimes reading a book in its entirety takes a lot more self-motivation than we’d care to admit. That’s why we understand authors who are protective of their intellectual babies, afraid that someone will swoop in and taint it or warp its message. But, let’s be honest, some of them take it a bit far.

It’s the authors who belong to this group who are, generally, totally against their fans using their work to write fanfiction. Some authors, like J.K. Rowling, encourage the practice and view it as an expression of artistry and are, basically, honored to have provided the inspiration. But other authors, like these six, are like yapping chihuahuas at the heels of fans who just want to write a silly love story about the characters that didn’t exist before: