6 Authors Who Were Fired from Their Book’s On-Screen Adaptation

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Getting any book turned into a film seems to be a very complicated process. Not only must a studio worry about disappointing and upsetting the novel’s OG fans, but it also has to make sure it pulls in new viewers, as well. Plus, working with an author who has already given so much of their blood, sweat and tears to a story proves to be a feat of its own — no wonder so many almost-adaptations never make it!

If a writer is going to diss the on-screen adaptation of a book, it usually happens after the fact. But sometimes the drama is so real between an author and a production company that the story’s creator actually gets the boot from the project while it’s still in production! Can you say, ‘Effed up??’ Check out the gallery below to see which of your fave writers were cut off before the adaptation’s premiere.