12 Authors Who Cameoed in the Big-Screen Versions of Their Books

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It’s not unusual to see big stars cameo in movies. Emma Watson had a few lines in This is the End, Selena Gomez showed her face in The Muppets and Hugh Jackman in X-Men: First Class was priceless (even though he was only on screen for, like, .5 seconds). What is rare, though, is when we see book-to-movie adaptations feature the authors of the novels themselves.

Last August, it was reported that John Green would make an appearance in the big-screen version of his tearjerker novel, The Fault in Our Stars, leaving Nerdfighters fangirling all over the world. Unfortunately, his stint’s been cut from the film. (*sad face*) BUT director Josh Boone says we’ll find some solace when the flick becomes available after its time in theaters. To find out more about John Green’s part in the TFiOS movie, browse our gallery of authors who cameoed in big-screen versions of their books: