After Naked Videos Leak, a Married YouTuber is Revealed to Be a Cheater

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Vlogging Christian couple Austin and Brittany Null dropped a MAJOR bomb in their most recent YouTube video. After several disturbing videos of the 26-year-old father and husband masturbating hit the Internet, Austin opened up about the secret online affair he was having for the past five months.

It’s hard to place an exact finger on what is more shocking; The confessional where he lays out all the dirty details, or the explicit videos themselves. According to the Texas native, about a year ago (a.k.a. right before he found out his wife was pregnant with their third child), a female reached out to him and sent him R-rated pictures. Instead of doing what most people do — report as spam — he used it as an opportunity to have a secret affair. While he came clean to his wife about his actions before all this blew up publicly, it wasn’t until after the vids went viral that the couple decided it was a good time to put everything on the table.

In, “WE NEED TO TALK,” the online personality explains, “It was actually nearly a year ago, someone reached out to me — sent me some pictures and stuff — a girl — and I, instead of blocking her and moving on, decided to flirt with the idea of responding, and basically had an online affair for like 5 months… This went on in the beginning of May and I told Brittany, I felt terrible. I knew what I was doing was wrong. I wasn’t even looking for this, something just fell into my lap and instead of ignoring it, I fell into it and it just spiraled out of control. I felt terrible, I said I have an amazing family, I have an amazing wife and I ended it with this girl, and ever since then we’ve been in counseling…”

His 29-year-old wife, a true believer in forgiveness and redemption, explained that though it hasn’t been easy, she is able to put all this behind them. During the gripping video, she says, “We just want you guys to know that we’re still the same people that we’ve always tried to be, and we’re not perfect… Through the love of Jesus Christ and his receptive forgiveness we are able to move forward and forgive Austin… We want to see it as an opportunity to use Christ.”

While the social-media couple usually posts new Vlogs five days a week, they have remained silent on the video network for the past 14 days. Apparently, this type of break is something Austin has always been an advocate for, as he told fellow controversial Vlogger Sam Radar to do the same thing over the summer when information about his Ashley Madison scandal came out.

Well, look who’s calling the kettle black.

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Watch the couple’s entire video here:

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