7 Reasons Why Austin Mahone Is Better Than Justin Bieber

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Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber are constantly being compared — and for good reason since they're so similar — but we're here to say for once and for all that Austin is just flat out better than JB.

For the latest Man Crush Monday, we thought we'd dedicate this day to the 18-year-old singer, and break down some of the reasons why we think Austin can steal JB's crown as the biggest pop star of today. See what we're talking about by scrolling below!

1. He's ALWAYS gracious to his Mahomies.

Justin has love for his Beliebers, obviously, but let's not forget about that recent incident where he made a Belieber cry after yelling at her mom. Not cool. And though Austin is way behind JB in the social media department, he is thankful for everything, no matter what.

2. He can laugh at himself.

Just watch this HILARIOUS Funny or Die video.

3. Even Chelsea Handler likes him!

And she's notorious for ragging on just about every celebrity…especially Justin Bieber.

4. He leaves some mystery when it comes to his dating life.

Yes, Justin also does this, but Justin does it in an annoying way, where Austin isn't about flaunting things too much. He shares just the right amount…like this cute Instagram with his (rumored) GF — Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello.

5. There's more to his Instagram than brooding, shirtless selfies.

Austin posts his fair share of shirtless pics, but that's not all he's about! He's not afraid to post silly pics on his IG, and we totally applaud him for that.

6. He's remained humble despite his rising celebrity status.

JB does his fair share of charity work — but it almost feels like he's doing it in penance of other wrong doings. To us, it feels like Austin does these things just because he wants to.

7. He's hotter — and hasn't covered his body in a bunch of tattoos.

PLEASE Austin — don't ruin yourself with ink! You can get a couple of tattoos if you really want, but be careful of how many you get.

Do you agree with us that Austin is better than Justin? Sound off in the comments section to share your thoughts!

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