Austin Mahone Failed Driver’s Test, Twice!

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UPDATE: Looks like third times a charm for Austin! He passed his test and tweeted a photo of himself on a car saying "STREET LEGAL!"

Sorry Mahomies, it looks like your favorite guy Austin Mahone failed his driving test, twice! He may be one skilled singer, but we guess he's not so skilled when it comes to driving. One of the best parts about getting older is getting to drive.

So it's a bummer to hear that Austin wasn't able to pass his test! That parallel parking is hard stuff. We will admit it is a stressful test, but what happened to make him fail twice in a row? Austin only gave his followers a little bit of information on what went down in a series of tweets posted earlier today.

At the beginning of the day Austin posted an excited tweet before taking the test.

But shortly after that tweet was followed up by a sad one.

Austin then posted a follow-up tweet that said, "She told me to stop singing in the car." We're guessing the instructor was not a Mahomie. Who would tell him to stop singing, ever? There was hope though because Austin then tweeted saying he was allowed to take the test again.

Unfortunately, he was not lucky the second time around and posted another tweet saying he had failed again.

Who knew you could even take the test twice in one day? Poor Austin! After winning the "Artist to Watch" Award at the MTV Video Music Awards and being signed to Cash Money Records, it looked like he was having the best few weeks of his life! Check out this video of Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt fangirling over Austin at the VMAs!

It looks like things are looking up for Austin though, he just tweeted that he's practicing his driving skills tonight for tomorrow.

Does that mean he's taking his test again tomorrow? Well maybe third time's a charm for Austin, right?

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