11 Things You Only Know If You’re the Biggest Austin & Ally Fan

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Austin & Ally returns for the second half of its fourth season this month on Disney Channel and we can NOT wait to watch! Whether you are Team Austin and Ally (dating, we mean) or you come to watch the hilarious antics of Dez and Trish, the rest of the series is going to be AWESOME. Before the show gets started again, we decided to round up some juicy set secrets just for you.

To prepare you for the adorable Ross Lynch and super cute Laura Marano‘s TV return, check out some fun facts about the show below. Before you bid a final farewell to the rocking show, brush up on your trivia now so you can be the official Austin & Ally guru of your friends. Only TRUE fans of A&A can safely say they’re aware of these tidbits:

1. There was almost another character. According to the show’s creators, Ally almost had a brother. Her brother was actually written into one of the pilot drafts, but was later cut. IMAGINE.

2. Props go wild. On “Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds,” the bride and groom props didn’t work as expected. Laura revealed that, since the groom’s arms kept falling off, the writers decided to add in a joke about it into the episode.


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3. Laughs are contagious. Ross revealed that after every scene, before they cut, the whole cast breaks into laughter. With a cast like this, we’d be laughing all the time, too.

4. Calum Worthy has a hidden talent: He’s a writer! Did you know that the Canadian actor wrote one episode of Austin & Ally last season? It’s totally crazy, but Calum actually wrote “Eggs & Extraterrestrials.” Plus, he’s written nine episodes for Just Kidding.


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5. Sneeze probs. Raini Rogriguez previously revealed that Ross is almost always sneezing. When he makes a face on the show (that looks like he is taking a big breath), it is because he was about to sneeze when the camera quickly came back to him. He sucks in to prevent the sneeze and ends up making a pretty wacky face in the process.

6. The cast is family. According to Calum, every time they’d return to set to film something new, it was like seeing your family again. He told us, “They’re like my brothers and sisters.”


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7. Ally’s parents were one-hit wonders. The directors of the show explained that Ally’s parents were actually in an ’80s band that had one hit called, “Funky Bubble.” It sounds like a hit to us!

8. It’s all about the quick turnaround. Even though the cast was full of seasoned pros at the end, it’s still crazy how short of a turnaround time they had before they shot every week. In fact, the cast only had a few days to prep before they had to know their lines. They got the scripts on Fridays and shooting started bright and early on Mondays!

9. The cast was out of the loop, just like us. Yes, we were all panicked that Austin & Ally wasn’t going to return for a fourth season, and the cast was just as freaked. They had no clue if the Season 3 finale would be their final episode ever! In case it was the end, the whole cast gave it there best effort to go out with a bang. Luckily they were happily surprised (as were we) that the show got picked up for Season 4.

10. The set is just a set. There aren’t any real buildings that they use for the most part. Ross once said that all that’s behind the walls are “wood and people.” Too bad Sonic Boom isn’t real; that would have been amazing!

11. Everyone has a secret obsession with Saturday Night Live. When the cast was on a break, the first thing the members did together was recap everything that happened on the previous weekend’s SNL. They’re all super fun, so it’s no surprise that they all LOVE the funny show.

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