10 Spooky Dudes Who Are Strangely Attractive

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It’s officially October, the month in which you can freely express your interest in all things creepy without it being seen as totally weird. Of course, I encourage you to let your freak flag fly every month of the year, but in October you’ll get extra cool points. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, right?

Anyway, if you’re into spooky stuff, then you’re probably into spooky movies and TV shows. Whether it’s horror or straight up campy nonsense, there are plenty of things to watch and plenty of spooky dudes to scope out. Come on, if you swing that way then you’ve definitely found yourself oddly attracted to a creepy dude in some movie or TV show, right? You know, the one you weren’t supposed to find attractive whatsoever. Yep, someone is coming to mind, right? Let’s see if they’re one of the ten on this list:

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