9 Asian Characters That Were Portrayed by White Actors in Movies

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Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers

Whitewashing has become an increasingly popular issue within the entertainment industry, especially when you consider the amount of white actors that have taken on non-white roles. Aside from the #OscarsSoWhite debate, there are tons of other ethnic backgrounds that are misrepresented in movies. Lately, people of Asian decent have taken to Twitter to trend #WhitewashedOUT, in light of three female actresses playing Asian roles in major upcoming movies.

Aside from white actresses portraying Asian characters, we’ve also noticed a history of male Asian characters being portrayed by white actors — and it’s so NOT okay. We’re a fan of a lot of these stars, but LBH, there are probably plenty of qualified Asians who are capable of taking on said roles. Curious to find out which Asian roles were given to white male actors? Check out the gallery below: