7 Asian Actors Who Actually Play More Than a Sidekick Role on Disney Channel

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Think of all your favorite Disney Channel television series from the early ’00s, like Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire. Now, compare those to some of your faves from today, like Bizaardvark and Bunk’d. Can you spot the obvious difference between the shows? If you’ll notice, the aforementioned two feature young, white talents, while the latter two feature people of color.

It’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with programs that have Caucasian stars — like, we love Liv and Maddie — but it’s awesome to see that there’s progress being made when it comes to diversity on television, especially on a network that’s as influential as Disney Channel. And these minorities aren’t only playing background characters, either — no no, there are at least eight black stars who are the leading actors on their respective Disney Channel shows. Upon researching, we noticed that there are at least seven Asian actors who are doing the same.

We’re talking young stars from Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Indian backgrounds. How awesome is that?! Nicole Gale Anderson could’ve been a contender, as her mother is of Filipino ethnicity, but she wasn’t on every single episode of JONAS nor was she on all the promo posters — Chelsea Kane made more poster appearances — and she definitely played a sidekick to the Jonas Brothers. None of these Asian actors can say the same… ’cause they’re all front and center: