This 5 Seconds of Summer Guy Totally Lied About His Relationship Status

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If you read that headline and thought, “YASSS, Luke Hemmings is actually a single man!” then you’re s*** out of luck ’cause, last we heard, the 19-year-old cutie was still dating his model girlfriend, Arzaylea. That means that there’s really only one other 5 Seconds of Summer guy we could be talking about: Ashton Irwin.

Last month, word got out that the band’s 21-year-old drummer and his own model girlfriend, Bryana Holly, called it quits, putting him back on the market. He revealed at the time, “I actually tried to have a relationship, and it just didn’t work out. I’ve been away for six months. I was kind of seeing someone for about a year… I’d actually been with them for about two months out of that year.” Although he never mentioned Bryana’s name outright, fans knew he was referring to a split with Bryana… or was he?

On December 5, Ash and the 23-year-old blonde beauty were spotted holding hands while out at The Grove in Los Angeles one day after 102.7 KIIS FM’s 2015 Jingle Ball concert, which he performed at along with his bandmates. This leaves a few possibilities: 1. They’re really close friends post-split, 2. They never actually broke up or 3. They’re back together after spending, like, a month apart. It’s been a little over a week since their intertwined fingers made headlines, and there haven’t been any updates, so now we can only sit here. And wait. Impatiently.

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