From Our BFFs: Is Ashley Tisdale Leaving Hellcats?!

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Nope, but Ashley Tisdale is working on a show with her production company, Blondie Girl Productions. And it’s gonna be on Bravo! [Just Jared Jr]

Oh, la la! Which Glee couple — or former couple?! — will be spending prom night at a motel?! [Wetpaint]

Britney Spears is part of another scandal! And this time it’s got nothing to do with her tour. Eeks. [Posh24]

So ya know all that hype about The Hunger Games movie? It’s a book too. And it’s awesome. [JSYK]

Victorious star Ariana Grande talks Michael Jackson and…blue mohawks!? [Seventeen]

Rebecca Black totes has a sense of humor. Who knew?! Watch her spoof herself in this hilarious Funny or Die vid. [4tnz!]

Is Lindsay Lohan moving from LA to NYC? Um, California, you can keep her. Just sayin’. [Hollywire]

Celebrities like Lady Gaga say the darndest things. Especially when it comes to dieting. Oh, and by darndest we mean “dumbest.” [College Candy]

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