Two High School Musical Stars Secretly Hated Each Other Throughout Filming

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Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens have basically been best friends since they stepped onto the set of High School Musical back in 2005, and we all know how ~close~ Baby V was to Zac Efron at one point. But just because some of the HSM co-stars were obsessed with each other from the get-go doesn’t mean there wasn’t SOME serious drama on set.

Ashley recently reunited with Lucas Grabeel to sing their classic duet “What I’ve Been Looking For” on her YouTube channel, but before they got to belting they revealed a fun fact that definitely shocked us — they used to hate each other!!

The 31-year-old explained, “All I remember is, we were not close. We were not good friends, let’s be honest. It’s been 10 years, we can totally talk about this. We hated each other. I’m NOT kidding.”

“Yeah, we didn’t get off on the best foot,” the 32-year-old agreed with a laugh.

The former blonde said that she was “definitely a lot like Sharpay and Lucas was like, ‘Who IS this person?'”

But even though Ash and Lucas were not the biggest fans of each other during filming, once the movie wrapped something changed.

“After we wrapped though, I’ve always had a love for you,” the Amateur Night star concluded.

Thank goodness!! The on-screen siblings are super close now, which is probably why their rendition of “WIBLF” is more incredible than we thought possible. Check it out below:

Lucas and Ashley aren’t the first Disney co-stars who didn’t get along IRL: