12 WTF Style Choices That Prove Ashley Tisdale Was Her HSM Character IRL

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Vanessa Hudgens’ Disney-Channel style was interesting to say the least, but it was NOTHING compared to the clothes her High School Musical co-star wore back in the day. Ashley Tisdale made a name for herself by playing the gaudy, over-the-top Sharpay Evans in the DCOMs, and while she is now trying her hardest to distance herself from the past, it definitely wasn’t always that way.

The queen of East High loved wearing pink, sparkles, fur… basically, if it would make peoples’ heads turn, the character would buy it. And while you may think the now-31-year-old was simply playing dress up every time she stepped on set, it’s looking like that wasn’t quite the case. Looking back on Ashley’s past, it seems that she was actually more similar to Sharpay than you probably thought. Well, at least in the fashion department…

Check out the gallery below to see some of the blonde’s most cringe-worthy style choices of the past that prove she was actually Sharpay IRL.