From Our BFFS: Would You Watch a Rom-Com Starring Ashley Tisdale?

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Just Jared Jr.

Now that Hellcats was cancelled is over, Ashley Tisdale is making the switch from Disney to…rom-coms?! Can you see Ash on the big screen? [Just Jared Jr.]

Sebastian Stan aka Dianna Agron‘s BF’s fave part about working on Captain America? Having “multiple guns.” Amen to that. [Seventeen]

You’ve prob already heard the sad Amy Winehouse news, and the autopsy results are in! And, contrary to popular opinion, drugs were not to blame for her death. Probably. [Popdust]

Justin Timberlake admits to falling in love with Amanda Seyfried on the set of their new movie! Uh, at least he wishes he fell in love with her. Same thing. [Hollywire]

Ok, Robert Pattinson, we love you lots. But seriously, what is UP with that haircut? It looks like he got assaulted with a scissor by some Team Jacob peeps or something. Yikes. [JSYK]

Demi Lovato‘s clearing up the rumors — she’s single, you guys! Nope, not dating Ryan Phillippe. Or Darren Criss. Or anyone else. [4TNZ]

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and in the case of Kim Kardashian‘s bachelorette party? Yeah, that slogan’s gonna come in handy… [Wetpaint]

Wedding bells are not ringing in The Hills. Kristin Cavallari got dumped by her footballer fiance! [Posh24]

You should know these things about these models-turned-actresses like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Other than that, ya know, they’re hot. [ElleGirl.com]

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