Say What?! Ashley Greene Doesn’t Wanna Talk Publically About Joe. Even Though She Does.

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First, Ashley Greene opened up to Cosmopolitan about how she’s “indifferent about marriage,” without actually mentioning her boyf, Joe Jonas. And now, Ashley also told the mag she doesn’t want to “talk to the media” about her relationship, also not actually mentioning Joe.

OK, Ash, so which is it?

Ash told Cosmo:

“When you talk to the media, it adds pressure to a relationship. People see pictures or hear part of a quote, and suddenly you’re in love with someone before you even like them. Then when you decide you do want to be with them, you have to worry that if you break up it will be all over the place. So it’s better just to stay quiet.”

Um, correct us if we’re wrong, but Ash totally doesn’t stay quiet about her relationship with Joe. They talk publicly about each other all the time! Do you think it’s better for celebs to keep their relationships hush hush? Do you think Ashley does? Share below!