Morning Announcements: Joe and Ashley Call it Quits!

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Wait, Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas broke up MONTHS ago? This cannot be happening. No. No way. [Just Jared Jr]

Kurt returning to New Directions? A Mckinley Prom? These Glee spoilers you’ve gotta read. [E! Online]

Selena Gomez told David Letterman of the Biebs “It’s nice to have someone that knows what you’re going through.”Well, that clears that up. [People]

Katy Perry is in a new commercial for Adidas! And let’s just say she’s not wearing a sparkly cupcake dress… [Idolator]

Sarah Hyland is teaming up with her boyf Matt Prokop for an upcoming Disney flick. We can’t tell if this idea is genius or gonna lead to their breakup… [Clevver TV]

Which hot brunette is starring in the upcoming Knocked Up spin-off? [MTV News]