Ashley Greene Spills On Her Vampire Makeover and Super-Close Costars

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It’s a little ironic that Ashley Greene landed the cover of InStyle Hair, since most people know her as pixie-headed Alice in Twilight (newsflash: it’s a wig!). Wig or no wig, though, Ash is gorg and her hair? So envy-inducing it isn’t even funny.

Lucky for us, the star shared her beauty tips — and spilled about screaming at her cast-mates on set — to the mag.

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On Twilight co-stars-slash-bffs: “We just filmed the fourth movie, and I think we’ve all grown up. We’re like a family. That’s not to say there weren’t disagreements. We’re working 16 hours a day! We’re exhausted! Things happen. But the nice part is that at the end of the day, it’s like yelling at your sister. You don’t stay mad at her.”

On turning from Ashley to Alice: “The whole process takes about two hours. My hair is pretty thick, and we wrap it and put it under a wig. To get it to fit so I don’t like look I have an alien head is a talent in itself. The makeup is even more involved because they have to make us pale without taking away every feature.”

On not always being totally confident: “I got really self-conscious because I had older friends. I thought they were prettier, and they were going through all these life experiences before I was.”

Okay, ‘fess up. How envious are you of Ashley’s hair? Comment below!