From Our BFFs: Want to Get Prom Tips from Ashley Greene?

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Good! Because Donatemydress.org’s spokesperson Ashley Greene will be holding answering all your prom q’s via a Twitterview. Just don’t ask if she’s bringing Joe Jonas, mmkay? [Just Jared Jr]

Why is a new Glee not on tonight? And more importantly, when is it coming back?! We miss our Tuesday night TV. [Wetpaint]

Robert Pattinson is going country! He’ll be presenting with his Water For Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon at the ACM Awards. [4tnz]

Should Justin Bieber record a duet with Rebecca Black? Um, we’re gonna go with a big fat “no.” [JSYK]

Katy Perry’s hubby Russell Brand talks to Details mag about drugs, his rocker reputation, and being married to the hottest (California) girl in the world, obvs. [Hollywire]

Hayden Panettiere of Scream 4 spills on the “scariest moment of her life.” All we gotta say is thank goodness she had a taser. Yikes. [Posh24]

Get to know the adorbs Danish singer of Oh Land! And snag her signature style tips, too. [Seventeen]

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