Ashley Fink Wants In On The Brittana Lovin’!

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Lauren and Puck haven’t kissed — yet! — but Glee‘s Ashley Fink recently revealed that she’d much rather couple up with another cast member. Or two. When asked who her character should hook up with on the show, Ashley spilled, “Hmmm… I don’t know… Maybe she can get in on some of the Santana-Brittany lovin’.”

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On dream guest stars: “Adele. Oh my God, we’re all so obsessed with her new album. Adele needs to come and be like a rival from a different show choir.”

On being famous: “It’s been different — I put on makeup every time I leave the house! But I will never stop wearing pajamas in public. I have no shame.”

On whether Lea Michele is a diva: “No! Its so funny… She’s hysterical, I love her. That’s one thing that people don’t necessarily know about Lea, that she is one of the funniest people alive.”