28 Incredibly Inappropriate Tweets to Ashley Benson that’ll Make You Gag

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If you thought Pretty Little Liars fans only sent dirty tweets to Lucy Hale, you were SO wrong. The 26-year-old actress’ co-stars also get bombarded with highly inappropriate notes on the daily.

For this edition of ‘Dirty Tweets Sent to Celebs,’ we’re gonna focus on PLL blonde bombshell, Ashley Benson. Sorry, Ash, but it’s not like you haven’t seen ’em before…

1. Well, this is actually kinda nice!

2. WTF!? Why would you want this to happen??

3. NO!

4. Ummmm….

5. Interesting?

6. Thanks for the info.

7. *covers eyes*

8. EL OH EL!

9. This isn’t something you can just ask people!

10. The struggle is real!

11. WHY?!?!

12. No thanks.

13. That’s legit disgusting.

14. Well, since you promised that…

15. WELP.

16. Pretty sure you don’t.

17. NOPE!

18. K, Ludacris.

19. We think you already know the answer to this…


21. Nonononononono.

22. SERIOUSLY, though.

23. Really?

24. Thanks?

25. “But with love,” so it’s okay.

26. Lil Wayne!!

27. #MotivationMonday

28. Are you okay!?!?

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