Meet the Star of Teen’s New Show, ‘Craft-Teen’ — Ashley Adams!

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Whether you’ve seen her on YouTube channels Feast of Fiction or How to Bake it in Hollywood, or are meeting Ashley Adams for the first time, you’ve got to hear more about the new Teen.com host of our upcoming DIY show, Craft-Teen, airing every Sunday at 4 PM ET.

Ashley is a goddess when it comes to all things do-it-yourself. (Wait ’til you see the ring she puts together in the trailer!) Every week, she’ll be bringing her best tips and tricks for creating chic fashion accessories and room decor without breaking the bank.

But before the first ep airs — Sunday, April 28! — we want you to get to know the girl behind the the DIY magic. So, find out everything there is to know about her celeb crushes, who she’d like to collab with most on a video, and make to sure to subscribe to Teen on YouTube.

Name: Ashley Adams

Where you might know me from: Feast of Fiction or How to Bake it in Hollywood on YouTube

Three words to describe my show on Teen: Cost-efficient, creative, simple

Celebrity crush: Leonardo DiCaprio

Least favorite vegetable: Okra (it’s too slimy)

The song you’re listening to the most right now: “Mirrors” (Justin Timberlake) or “Stay” (Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko)

Favorite channel to watch on YouTube: Man, I wish I could narrow it down?

Person I’d most like to collaborate with on a video or interview: Emma Stone. I feel like she’d be super crafty.

The three people or things you would bring with you to a zombie-infested desert island: Zombie-infested? A sushi chef (for sushi & his sharp knives) Zac Efron, (who looks like he’s good at killing zombies and might look cute doing it) and my favorite ModelCo. Lip gloss.

Check out Ashley on her new show, Craft-Teen, every Sunday at 4 PM ET starting April 28!