How Britt Robertson & Asa Butterfield Handled Getting Steamy on Set

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Long-distance relationships can be hard enough when you’re living just a few hundred miles away from one another, but can you imagine being separated by millions? That sounds basically impossible. In Asa Butterfield and Britt Robertson‘s upcoming teen science-fiction flick The Space Between Us, two teenagers are forced to deal with an Earth-to-Mars LDR…until the 19-year-old’s character, Gardner, risks it all to be with Tulsa, played by the 26-year-old. We recently got to video chat with Asa (so appropriate, considering that the majority of Gardner and Tulsa’s relaysh happened via webcam) about the filming the movie, how he prepared for the role and, of course, what it was like to film those ~intimate~ scenes with the Secret Circle star!

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“Whenever you have that kind of [romantic] relationship on screen, you can’t take the whole thing too seriously,” the actor told us. “You need to be able to laugh about it. You need to just be relaxed. Otherwise, there’s this kind of weird tension in the air and then that carries across on the camera.

Plus, when you’re acting opposite Britt, it can’t be too difficult to get comfortable (even if she is Dylan O’Brien‘s GF).

“Britt’s a lovely girl and we got on really well. If you get on well and you can have fun then it makes [filming the sexy scenes] easy, really, at least for me.”

But it wasn’t just the romantic elements that Asa had to get prepared for! He explained:

“I thought this character was really interesting because he’s someone whose never set foot on Earth before, literally, and he comes to Earth and experiences that for the first time. That’s an original character, I think. I had a lot of fun bringing him to life and experimenting. One of the elements of Gardner is that he comes from Mars. He comes to Earth and he weighs, like, twice as much. I had to try and figure out how that would affect the way I move. So, I had this weight vest on and I’d tie weights to my ankles to try and experience that.”

Now THAT’S commitment! The Space Between Us premieres on February 3, 2017. Be sure to check it out!

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