We Saw Receipts That Claim Arzaylea Cheated on Luke Hemmings for a Year+

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There’s been a lot of speculation about the status of Luke Hemmings‘ relationship with longtime girlfriend Arzaylea Rodriguez for a few weeks now. It’s pretty clear that the pair is no longer together, seeing as how the 5 Seconds of Summer singer and basically all of his friends unfollowed the influencer on social media, but no one really had the details. A lot of people accused the 22-year-old of cheating on the “Girls Talk Boys” crooner, especially after she was seen spending a ton of time with a musician named Blackbear, wearing his clothes, etc. There’s been some alleged ~proof~ that Arzaylea really did cheat since the OG rumors surfaced, but we now have received information from a source close to the brunette stating that all the speculation is true!

Arzaylea was cheating on Luke the entire time,” a source close to Arzaylea exclusively told Teen.com. “[She cheated with] Bear and others. […] But mostly Bear.”

According to the source, Arz told the 20-year-old she was going to the entire first weekend of Coachella, but, instead, went for just one day to post some photos, left to meet up with Bear back in Los Angeles IN. LUKE’S. CAR., then came back to the festival to post more pics. Seems exhausting.

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But this wasn’t the first time the brunette allegedly lied to her famous bae about spending time with BB.

The source claimed that “Arzaylea lied to [Luke] and told him she was going home [for a week] because her family dog died,” but she actually was only home for “12 hours.”

So, what was the social-media star doing during the time she claimed to be with her fam? “She went on tour with Bear,” claims the source.

The text messages sent by Arzaylea’s best friend, Lindsay Demeola, allegedly confirming the cheating rumors, are legit, claims the source. A 5SOS fan named Callie, a girl who ~investigated~ the relaysh from the beginning and had many theories about Arz’s true colors (many of which have seemingly turned out true), was the first person to leak some of the texts, but her Twitter account has since been suspended.

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We actually saw images of this full text conversation that the source claims to be between Lindsay and another friend. Basically, the messages say that Arzaylea had sex with Bear while she was in a relationship with Luke, and may be in love with him.

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When the #5SOSFam first got wind of the alleged breakup, they were quick to jump to the blond’s defense and tried to get others to #unfollowarzaylea on social media to show their support.

But then fans noticed that every time her follower count would go down, suddenly it would spike back up. This happened multiple times, which sparked rumors that she was buying followers to make up for the decline. This #unfollowarzaylea trend continued when the band’s supporters also started to suspect that she was allegedly trying to make LUKE look bad in the situation by posting shady captions on her Instagram page.

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“When you tell him to leave you alone and then he say ‘k’ and you’re like but no come back but also like nah f*ck this but ALSO like wait I’m sorry I’m crazy,” she captioned the above picture.

Both Arzaylea and the rapper also left what many fans assumed to be ~clues~ about what was going on between them all over the Internet in the days leading up to/following the cheating rumors. There’s also tons more alleged evidence on this Instagram page.

The only thing we can really say at this point is, “What the ACTUAL f*ck?!?!” Being cheated on is one of the worst things EVER, and, if the source’s claims are true, we can’t even imagine what it must be like to go through it in front of millions of people. While we’re sure Luke is (understandably) upset, it seems he’s doing his best to keep busy, spend time with his friends and, most importantly, take this tough time and turn it into AMAZING songs.

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Stay strong, Luke!
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