Arzaylea ~Exposes~ Luke Hemmings for Cheating and Using Cocaine

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If we’re being honest, we thought the drama between Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea was over. It was basically confirmed that the 22-year-old cheated on the 21-year-old multiple times throughout their relationship, and the 5 Seconds of Summer guy seemingly moved on from his ex with a model named Nadia Mejia. But, in typical Arz fashion, the drama is FAAAAR from finished.

Last night, the brunette went on a rampage in the comments section of one of the “Girls Talk Boys” singer’s Instagram pictures. Not only did she claim he is actually the one who cheated on HER, leading her to break up with him, but also that he hired escorts and did cocaine throughout their relationship.





The Australian crooner’s ex also got Michael Clifford‘s girlfriend, Crystal Leigh, involved, claiming that she is behind a Twitter account that was created to ~expose~ Arzaylea.


Crystal denied these allegations on Twitter, posting about digging “two graves” and explaining that she was once friends with the girl because she was “trying to be supportive” and wanted to “give [her] a chance.”

Arzaylea also wrote, “the racism, judgement and homophobia that happens in that group [is] disgusting,” but clarified that she was not referring to Luke, but rather his crew.

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