Fans Think Arzaylea Leaked a Snippet of a New 5 Seconds of Summer Song

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She strikes again! Well, maybe. Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings did not have a good breakup (to say the least), but that was almost a year ago so you’d THINK the drama would be over — WRONG!

The 23-year-old social media star is currently under serious fire from 5 Seconds of Summer fans because some of them believe she leaked a portion of one of the band’s new songs, which hasn’t been released yet, in an Instagram story that has since been deleted. This isn’t confirmed, but you can take a listen yourself:

A few days ago, so also posted a story with lyrics that match those of an alleged 5SOS song, which was leaked last April.

Needless to say, members of the #5SOSFam are not happy with the brunette, especially after waiting so long for 5SOS3 to arrive.

Again, it’s not confirmed that the song Arzaylea was listening to is from the band’s upcoming third album, but it definitely sounds similar to their latest single, “Want You Back.”

None of the boys have spoken about the alleged leak, but guitarist Michael Clifford‘s girlfriend, Crystal Leigh, posted some savage tweets about “shady attention seeking leeches.”

Someone suggested she “throw those @’s,” but she didn’t want to give the person in reference “the attention she so desperately seeks.”

We don’t blame her! Michael, Luke, Ashton and Calum worked on their upcoming album for over a year and it must suck to know that someone who, by the way, doesn’t have the best relationship with the group, could leak it with the click of a button.