Luke Hemmings’ GF Tries to Start Drama With Female Singer & Fails HARDCORE

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Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend Arzaylea is no stranger to drama. But even though the 21 year old seemingly always finds herself involved with serious ish, it most frequently is surrounding 5 Seconds of Summer, their fans, and/or her famous BF. This time, however, the brunette decided to use her ~Internet influencer~ status to throw shade at a majorly outspoken female singer and — surprise, surprise!! — got shot the eff down.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, the last-nameless girl called out so-called feminist females who are actually rude to women IRL.

“lol @ female artists who preach girl power and promote the feminist movement then when u meet them irl and they’re rude to other women……” she wrote.

Arzaylea could’ve been talking about anyone, especially because she’s never one to bite her tongue on social media. But just a few hours later, a super-popular musician posted her own note that was ENTIRELY too similar to Luke’s GF’s for it to be a coincidence.

“lol at people who disrespect you in your own house because they forget they’re not the most important person everywhere they go,” Halsey said.

Although both girls’ initial tweets are no longer there, Arzaylea did keep some interesting messages posted on her Twitter page.

Whew; the drama is real, and Halsey has absolutely NO time for it. Sometimes, learning to bite your tongue is the best lesson you can learn in life. #JustSayin


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