Luke’s GF Gets Into ANOTHER Feud, This Time with Someone You’d Never Expect

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At this point, it feels more strange for there to NOT be drama surrounding Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend Arzaylea than for things to be calm. Less than two weeks ago, the 21 year old was not-so subtly feuding with singer Halsey in a serious of indirect tweets. Shockingly enough, the brunette’s latest rift isn’t among the 5 Seconds of Summer fandom — it’s within her own family!!

Even though Arzayla’s brother Arzel was s*itting on Luke on social media about a month ago, it seemed that all was well between him, his sister and the Aussie cutie in recent days; in fact, the siblings were just hangin’ at the blonde’s apartment in LA! We’re not quite sure what happened in recent days, but SOMETHING set off the boy because he just absolutely went IN on his sister, who also blocked him on Twitter.

The social-media influencer’s younger brother then went on a lengthy rant “exposing” the fact that his sister stole money from his parents, has done cocaine, and is estranged from her mother.

WHAT. THE. F*CKING. F*CK?! Okay… now that we got that out of our systems, let’s move on. Even though Arzel CLEARLY testing his sister, the last-nameless girl wasn’t about to take his rant sitting down… well, at least for a few minutes. The 21-year-old brunette quickly went on her OWN Twitter escapade, but then deleted the notes. But don’t worry — we got the receipts 😉



We’ve said it before — it can’t be coincidental that drama just HAPPENS to ALWAYS find some people, ya know? *sips tea*


While Arzel & Arzaylea are fighting ON social media, these stars have actually DEFENDED their siblings online: