Luke Hemmings’ Girlfriend Starts Feud After Huge YouTuber Makes 5SOS ~Joke~

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It’s been a minute since Luke Hemmings‘ girlfriend Arzaylea was involved with any drama. We know — shocking — especially because for a while there, she seemed to be in the middle of every single social-media feud possible. But after a brief hiatus, the 21-year-old is back at it again with the white Vans.

It all started when YouTube star Andrea Russett made 5 Seconds of Summer the butt of a Twitter joke about dying her hair purple.

The Instagram ~model~ somehow found this tweet (not sure how, because according to doesfollow.com, the girls do not follow each other on Twitter), got seriously offended, and felt the need to defend her BF’s band’s honor.

The YouTuber wasn’t going to let that one go, however, because she loves “5SOS and all their jams” and didn’t mean to shade anyone — she was simply trying to be funny!

But as usual, Arzaylea wasn’t going to let her get the last word!

On one hand, we commend the social media girl for standing up for the people she loves, but also, was it really necessary? We’re sure Luke deals with hate much worse than the YT star’s comment on a daily basis, and it was pretty darn obvious that she was simply trying to be funny. *sips tea* *waits for indirects* *lives for the drama*

Are you on Team Andrea or Team Arzaylea in this battle?

Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend isn’t the only one to defend him online…his dad’s done the same thing! Here are all the celeb ‘rents who stood up for their kids against Internet haters: