7 Artists Who Wrote Songs for the Queen Herself, Beyoncé

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It’s undebatable: Beyoncé is the queen of everything. Whether it’s Queen of Music, Glamour, or even Coachella (#Beychella forever), there’s a reason she’s everyone’s favorite. But you’d probably be surprised to know that she’s also the queen of collaborations!

Over the years, the 36-year-old superstar has collaborated with so many unique, big-time artists to create some of her top hit songs. While we know some of these — like her collab with Lady Gaga on “Telephone” — others aren’t quite as publicized. Beyoncé is known, however, for getting groups of artists together in one room to all write a song together, especially when it comes to her Lemonade album. Wondering who these hidden talents are? Here are 7 artists who wrote songs for the icon herself!