All of the Injuries that Happened on the Set of Arrow

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You may know The CW’s Arrow as the TV show that stars Robbie Amell‘s smoking hot cousin (for real!) in the titular role. You may also know it as the show that stole your beloved Colton Haynes from Teen Wolf a while back (only to have him eventually leave this show, too). Surely, though, you don’t know it as the show where the actors are beaten up on an almost constant basis. At least, not yet, you don’t.

The show, which is action-packed and fast-paced, really deserves a spot in the list of shows which calls for the physical abuse of its actors. You know, in order to really make it Good, with a capital “G”. Because — and we’re sure that this is quite unfortunate for the cast members on the show, who are basically always suffering for their art — without risking on-set injuries like these 6, the final product would look a lot less realistic: