All the Crazy Arrow Casting Secrets That’ll Shock You to the Core

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The CW

The CW

Seeing as it’s based on DC Comics’ super-popular character Green Arrow, there was a ton of pressure on The CW to make Arrow spectacular. Four successful seasons later, and we think it’s safe to say that the show’s executives definitely achieved this goal… but it didn’t come easy.

Before the series’ producers put the cast through INTENSE stunts resulting in some pretty serious injuries, they caused them intense stress during the audition process. Sure, you can’t picture anyone other than Stephen Amell playing Oliver Queen, but he still had to sit and wait for thousands of other actors to try out for the role. Arrow would be nothing without Emily Bette Rickards, but she was originally only supposed to appear on one episode of the show. Ready to have your Arrow-loving mind blown even further? Check out the rest of the on-screen hit’s casting secrets below!