Armed Man Arrested for Stalking Taylor Swift After He’s Found on Her Property

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Taylor Swift really cannot catch a break. In the past month alone, she’s had to deal with her stalker avoiding jail time even though he previously threatened to kill her and her family, a transient man being arrested on her property and yet ANOTHER alleged stalker showing up uninvited to her home.

Julius Sandrock was taken into custody earlier this week after officers found him trying to break into the singer’s Beverly Hills house. When cops questioned him, he said he drove from Colorado to meet with the “Delicate” crooner. He was then arrested for felony stalking and taken away. Luckily, Tay was not home at the time.

The situation sounds scary as it is, but it was later revealed that law enforcement officials found some terrifying things, including an empty gun holster, live rounds of ammunition, latex gloves, black gloves, a knife and multiple types of masks, black rope, prescription medication and psychologist paperwork, in the 38-year-old’s car.

The man was actually wearing a mask and rubber gloves as he was trying to obtain entry into her house, according to TMZ. The website also reports that the Beverly Hills police department filed for and was granted a temporary firearms restraining order against the alleged stalker.



The man allegedly told cops that he suffers from OCD, bipolar disorder, severe depression and manic episodes. He is also on probation in Colorado for “disorderly conduct and discharging a firearm.”

TONS of celebrities deal with stalkers, unfortunately, but that doesn’t make what’s happening to T.Swift any less scary. Hopefully authorities are able to get this man the help he obviously needs and keep him away from the 28-year-old and her family in the future.