The Cool Way a Viner Landed a Role in Emma Roberts’ New Movie

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We’ve seen a lot of Internet stars who ditched their vlogs for legit Hollywood Roles, so when viewers spotted Vine star Arielle Vandenberg in the Emma Roberts and Dave Franco flick, Nerve, it wasn’t exactly a shocker. Although it wasn’t necessarily surprising to see a web star on the big screen, the way she ended up there was definitely a bit cray. She explained how she got the role during a recent convo exclusively with Teen.com.

“One of the directors, his name is Ariel Schulman, knew that [MTV Catfish‘s] Nev [Schulman] knew me because of the Vine thing, and so he was like, ‘Do you have that girl Arielle’s number?’ and Nev was like, ‘Yeah.’ So, he gave his brother my number and then [Ariel] was like, ‘Do you want to fly out to New York and shoot this scene?’ I was like, ‘Yes that sounds amazing.’ He actually gave [the part] to me and it was so fun!”

Between her cool movie roles alongside some of the hottest stars and her Instagram feed that’s filled with celebs, it’s pretty clear that Arielle has a ton of famous friends. But even though she’s immersed in the Hollywood lifestyle, the Viner totally hasn’t lost her head in the fame and still hopes to use her web following to create a positive impact in the world.

“Everybody needs a break from the real world: whether or not it’s their job or whatever is going on in their life and everyone always goes straight to their phone. The last thing that they need to see if they’re feeling down is something that’s going to put them even more down. So hopefully I can bring some positivity and happiness to someone if that’s the case; I think something very important in everybody’s life is laughter.”

Besides Nerve, Arielle has also acted in several other movies and well-known TV shows like Greek, How I Met Your Mother and Friends With Benefits. She also recently hosted a new web series called Car Star, which is available to stream on the Go90 app.

Nerve is now available on DVD & Blu-ray and can also be streamed on YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu and Google Play. There’s also still time to participate in our giveaway by clicking here (until 11:59 PM on 11/16/16)!


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