It’s a 2 on 1 Feud Between Two of Your Fave Viners and a Modern Family Star

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When Ariel Winter was told she was “asking for it” for posing in a bikini, she shot down the hater quicker than you could say ‘slut shaming.’ So when a trending topic praising one of the world’s biggest Vine stars (who has quite a controversial past) emerged yesterday, the Modern Family actress could not bite her tongue.

It all started when Nash Grier fans started using #FavNashVid to praise the 18 year old’s best Vines and YouTube videos. While his supporters were bombarding Twitter with their favorite moments, Ariel took the number one trending topic as a gateway for some serious shade.

Nash has gotten in serious trouble in the past for making homophobic comments and racist videos, but has apologized for his actions and claimed that he was young and stupid at the time. But while the Viner’s fans tried to explain this to Ariel, she just got even more heated that people were actually trying to justify his actions.

Need some ice for that burn? Everyone waited on baited breath for Hayes to defend himself, or maybe even attack the 17-year-old actress himself, but he instead kept his mouth shut and let his younger brother fight back.

And while Nash never directly responded to Ariel, he did agree that people “don’t want [them] to make it.”

Yikes. Are you on Team Grier or Team Winter? Tell us your thoughts on this intense Twitter feud in the comments below!

Watch Nash Grier play Truth or Dare:

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