Ariel Winter’s New Bae Looks an Awful Lot Like Her Ex-Boyfriend, TBH

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Ariel Winter may have a new love in her life, guys! After going (somewhat) strong with her longtime boyfriend, producer/singer/songwriter Laurent Gaudette, whom she met in high school, up until around June of this year, the 18-year-old Modern Family actress is rumored to have a new, cute bae. And, strangely, he looks an awful lot like her ex-love.

Over the weekend, the young star was spotted in Cabo with a bunch of friends, including actor Levi Meaden from Syfy’s Aftermath and Olympus. While the two didn’t post any pictures together on Instagram, they both tagged each other on the social media site, and took some cute Snapchats with each other. And, at first look, we could’ve sworn that Levi was actually Laurent. Look at the side-by-side comparison (Levi on the left; Laurent on the right):



We’re not suggesting that they’re twins by any means, but there are definite similarities… in our opinion, anyway.

Considering how PDA-filled Ariel’s relationship was with her former flame, and how outspoken she is over literally everything, we’re guessing it won’t take long before she fills everyone in on the truth behind her relationship with Levi (if there is one).
Of course, Ariel Winter’s not the only celebrity with a ~type~…