Ariel Winter May Not a Gleek, But She is so on Team Damon (Exclusive)

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Ariel Winter may play nerdy Alex Dunphy on the hit TV show Modern Family, but in real life she’s anything but. We chatted with the newly-turned 13-year-old (and recent SAG winner!) about her shoe fetish, her love for Damon Salvatore, and her show’s developing rivalry with that other TV hit, Glee. (Maybe you’ve heard of it?)

Read on to see what Ariel had to say!

Teen.com: In your new movie The Chaperone, your character’s dad is a convict. What would you go to jail for?
Ariel Winter:
Liking too many boys… It’s a crime in itself! Actually, no, I’d probably go to jail for owning too many shoes. I own way too many shoes, but I don’t think I would ever go to jail. I’m not that kind of girl.

Teen.com: So you have an interest in fashion? You looked gorgeous at People StyleWatch’s Night of Red-Carpet Style party, BTW.
Ariel Winter: Thank you! I’m a big shoe fan, and I’m really good at picking outfits, I should say.

Teen.com: We heart Modern Family. Are your parents as nosy as Alex’s?
Ariel Winter:
My mom gives me a lot of freedom, but I use my freedom wisely. I’d say my parents are just the right amount of nosy; They care about me and they want to watch me and watch what I do, but they give me freedom to do what I want to do and they support me with acting. They want me to be a good role model to kids, and I really want to be a good role model, so they steer me in the right path.

Teen.com: So, unlike Alex, they’d never ask about your training bra in front of all your friends?
Ariel Winter: They would not ask me about my training bra in front of all my friends. But, they have vowed to do the Bump at my 16th birthday party. I didn’t even know what the bump was until they demonstrated it, and I was like, “Oh boy. You’re not invited!”

Teen.com: Is that your most embarrassing experience with them?
Ariel Winter: Probably, expect for when I wear a dress and my mom sees me talking to a cute boy. She’ll walk up to him and go, “What do you think of her dress?! Do you think it’s cute?” And that’s really embarrassing.

Teen.com: Do you have a celebrity crush?
Ariel Winter: There’s this one guy…I know he’s a little older, but Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries.  And then there’s this really adorable Australian boy who’s in I Am Number Four, Callan McAuliffe. He’s one of my really good friends, and he’s even cuter in person.

Teen.com: So, there’s all this Modern Family vs. Glee rivalry in the news. How do you deal with it?
Ariel Winter: I don’t really care. I mean, I have so many friends on Glee — I’m so happy for Chris Colfer that he won [the Golden Globe], he’s such a sweet person.  I’m so happy that Jane Lynch won. I know a lot of the people from Glee and they’re very, very nice, and I wish them all the best. After the Golden Globes, we said we’ll just go home and snuggle up to our Emmys. [Ed note: Oh, snap!]

Teen.com: Are any of you guys Gleeks?
Ariel Winter: You know, no. We all love music, but Glee’s a different type of show than MF. We’re modern-day America, and they’re more like High School Musical. So, it’s different. We’re not really Gleeks.

Teen.com: Speaking of HSM, have you given any thought to your own prom yet?
Ariel Winter: I’m still deciding if I’ll go to a public high school, and if I do, I’ll be looking forward to prom a lot. It’s always every girls dream, but for me, I’m not one of those people who are into huge poofy princess dresses. I’m going to be all sleek and cool!

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