This Viner’s Feud With a Modern Family Star Isn’t Close to Being Over

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“Irresponsible,” “ignorant” and “hurtful” are all synonymous for Nash Grier, according to Modern Family actress Ariel Winter. ICYMI, the 17 year old and Vine superstar went head to head in a Twitter battle last week after the actress questioned why someone who is “super homophobic” would have so many fans. While Nash let his little brother Hayes Grier do most of the tweeting for him, he did post a sub-tweet that had “Ariel Winter” written all over it.

While Nash may want this celebrity showdown to be dunzo, it seems that Ariel isn’t putting the brakes on any time soon. The real-life Alex Dunphy was a recent guest on The Talk, where one of its hosts, Julie Chen, brought up the somewhat sore subject. The Cali girl came in with guns blazing and certainly ready for combat. She explained that it wasn’t just his homophobic comments that caused her to raise so much criticism, but actually “a lot of other things he posted online.”

She wasted no time beating around the bush and stated her many issues with the popular Vine star. “I just find that it is so ridiculous that he has fans, because there are so many young people that look up to him. Young boys, young girls that love his Vines, love his work and stuff like that. It is so irresponsible and completely ignorant of him to be posting things that he knows nothing about…and hurtful things.”

That’s not all; she also explained, “I’m not the type of person that’s able to sit and watch somebody that has so many fans just destroy people so much. His words really harm so many people and for me it’s so irresponsible to put things like that… For me it makes no sense. Be a role model, not somebody against the change.”

Point certainly made, Ariel. Here’s how the Twitter realm is responding to the tough love:



While the 18-year-old social media king has yet to respond, we’re thinking it’s only a matter of time until he takes to his Twitter, or at least his little brother slash sidekick, for that matter.

Who’s side are you on? Weigh in your thoughts in the comments below.

Check out the full show-down here:

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