8 Times Ariana Grande Had an Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

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Ariana Grande has been in the news so much this year. In some ways, 2017 was a great time for her. She had a song on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and started dating Mac Miller. But in so many other ways, she’s had it rough these past 12 months.

The year started pretty tame with some pregnancy rumors and a Selena Gomez diss, but everything changed in May when a terrorist detonated a suicide bomb at her Manchester concert. Over 20 people died as a result, but that didn’t stop the 24-year-old from holding a benefit concert with other artists like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber and continuing her tour anyway.

But even before people were watching her every move thanks to the tragedy the unfolded in 2017, they still scrutinized the Nickelodeon star has been on our radar for tamer things, too, like her wardrobe malfunctions! And while that may seem silly in the face of what happened to her this year, there’s a weird peace that comes from seeing something as familiar as a headline after a nip slip after being rocked by something so shocking. Like, Ariana used to get stuck in jackets mid-performance before Manchester and she has just kept right on getting stuck in them after. (Confused? Keep reading, and you’ll see what we mean).

Not only does this crooner have some of the weirdest outfit mishaps we’ve ever seen, but she remains completely unfazed by them. Nothing like a nip slip — or two — can keep this crooner from continuing to belt it out on stage in risky wardrobe choices. She just continues to slay, and we aren’t surprised. She didn’t let something as huge and traumatic as an attack at her concert stop her from all the performances and releases she had planned. So why would something as silly as a slipped bodysuit affect her?