If Ariana Grande Goes Through with This Turquoise ‘do, We’ll Cry Tears of Joy

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Ariana Grande has openly expressed — in the most emotional way ever — how she feels about putting her hair up in a ponytail at the end of a long day. (You could seriously feel her relief through her tweet.) Now, she's tweeting about her hair again. Only this time, we're the ones getting emotional about it.

With no explanation originally given for the change-up, she posted the following picture:

Twitter (@ArianaGrande)

Yes, that's our girl — with turquoise locks! This caused a major freakout on our end — because, OMG, HOW GREAT DOES SHE LOOK?! — until she let us down gently:

We're happy to hear her tresses are healthier, but we honestly would cry tears of joy if the "Problem" singer actually went through with this 'do. ANYWAY, in case you were looking for a reason behind her faux mane, we may have the answer:

So… outer space is the theme for her upcoming "Break Free" music video with Zedd? Because that's how we're reading it. Guess we'll find out next week!

Learn more about Ariana Grande's "Break Free" single with Zedd:

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