Ariana Grande Honors Youngest Victim of Manchester Attack for Her Birthday

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Saffie Rose Roussos was the youngest victim of the Manchester attack that took the lives of 22 people in late May. The little girl was just eight years old when she died after a terrorist detonated a bomb after an Ariana Grande concert and would’ve celebrated her ninth birthday on July 4. The 24-year-old singer has done everything she can to honor those lost in the wake of the horrific event, which includes paying tribute to Saffie on her special day.

“What’s newwwww, Buenos Aires. Argentina, I love you. Saffie, we’re [thinking] of you baby,” the singer wrote on Instagram yesterday.

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The youngster’s dad, Andrew Roussos, recalled the moment he met the “One Last Time” singer, who was obviously heartbroken about the family’s loss, backstage at the One Love Manchester concert.

“I wanted to tell her what she meant to Saffie,” he said. “I wanted to tell her from a father’s point of view that she’s got nothing to be sorry for… It wasn’t her fault. All she could say to me was, ‘I’m sorry’ and I said, ‘You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. You made Saffie so happy with what you do.'”

The man added that he is “grateful she got to see all of [the concert]” before she passed, because his daughter was a HUGE Ariana fan and couldn’t stop talking about attending the performance in the months that led up to the show.

While Saffie isn’t physically with us anymore, we’re sure she saw the tribute and is smiling from heaven.

Remembering the nine teens and one child who died in the Manchester attack: