Why Ariana Grande Continued Touring After the Manchester Bombing

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Ariana Grande‘s entire world changed when a terrorist set off a bomb at her May 2017 concert in Manchester, U.K. While the singer canceled the shows that immediately followed the attack in respect of the 22 people who were senselessly killed, she ultimately decided to continue her Dangerous Women World Tour.

Some people questioned the 24-year-old’s decision to keep touring after living through such a tragic event, but she says cancelling was never an option.

“I don’t think I’ve been through anything as traumatic as [what] we’ve been through, so…[tour] can be a lot,” she told Coveteur. “Calling it off and going home was not an option. The message of the show was too important. For the crew and everyone involved, it’s become more than just a show for us. We are really grateful to be here and really grateful for this show.”

The former Nickelodeon star credits her fans for helping her continue the tour and getting her through the tough times.

She explained, “I am really grateful — I love what I do. One of my favorite things about it is being able to have an impact on my fans’ lives, and to be there for them — to know that what I’m creating is helping them in some way. Even if it’s just making them feel empowered when they’re getting ready in the morning, helping them through a heartbreak, or finding something they love about themselves. I think about them with everything I create. They’ve definitely been my inspiration this whole time on this tour; [they] keep it going. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without their love, and motivation, or inspiration.”

Ari concluded the DWWT on September 21 in Hong Kong, and said she planned to “check in on [her] health” as soon as she got back home.

The events that occurred on May 22, 2017, will stay with the “One Last Time” singer forever. In addition to honoring the victims of the tragedy during her live shows, she also got a tattoo to commemorate them and keep them with her at all times.

Remembering the nine teens and one child who died in Manchester: