Could Ariana Grande and Team StarKid’s Lauren Lopez Pass As Sisters?

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You guys were pretty iffy about the last doppelgangers we discovered (which we still think we’re right about). But we’re pretty sure we nailed this one. This weekend, we met Team StarKid‘s Lauren Lopez, and we swear it was like looking at Ariana Grande‘s twin sis! Argue all you want over comparing a Victorious star to a StarKid, but we saw them both IRL. They’re both gorg, petite, incredibly talented, and when Ari’s hair isn’t bright red and when she doesn’t wear makeup (which rarely happens), you really can’t deny the similarities.

Peep some pics of the Lauren and Ariana below, and tell us if you think they’re doppelgangers! Then, just to cause an unfair debate like youge, shout out and vote on which girl’s your favorite!