Like Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande is Taking a Break from Social Media

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After some serious Arianators attacked Pete Davidson for a simple comment he left on one of Ariana Grande’s Instagram photos (the hate was totally unnecessary), the SNL star deleted all the photos from his ‘gram and announced that he would be taking a much needed social media break. And now, it looks like Ariana is doing the same.

After a fan tweeted two of Ariana’s selfies with the caption “moonlightbae has made a return,” the “God is a Woman” singer responded by explaining that she is going to take a quick breather from Instagram and Twitter, likely because of the same trolls that attacked Pete.

Ariana wrote, “yeh ! i’m prolly gonna post on der for a little while & take a breather from twitter & ig for a little. just sometimes can’t help but bump into some negative shit that really can bum u out and it’s not worth it honestly. promised i’d always tell you. i love u sm ! be well & happy”.”

Fans were quick to show Ariana love by replying to her tweet saying that they totally understand her decision to go offline.

Take all the time you need, babe!