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Ariana Grande Slips on Stage & Her Reaction is PRICELESS

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Ariana Grande proves she really is a “dangerous woman” after having an epic slip on stage during one of her final Dangerous Woman Tour stops, and her reaction was EVERYTHING.

Ari has been insanely busy touring the world on her tour for the past seven months, performing in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin American and Oceania, and she’s done a great job at allowing fans into her world by documenting pretty much everything from concert highlights, backstage shenanigans and even fan reactions when their favorite song comes on.

The tour is coming to an end, with the final show being tomorrow in Hong Kong, and Ariana has been giving us more videos and pictures than ever before. We weren’t surprised to see that she posted a new video post-concert last night like she usually does, but we definitely weren’t expecting what happened in the video!

Well that was a close one! In the 30-second clip, we see Ari belting out and sounding amazing while singing “Side to Side.” As she steps onto a stool in her sky-high heels, the singer slips and clings to one of her dancers for support. She also couldn’t help but laugh at herself for almost making it the entire tour without slipping on the stool, but kept on with the show like the total pro she is.

Fans immediately sent the singer tons of encouragement, commending her on not actually falling, and laughing along with her. Ariana’s biggest fan, however, had her own set of sweet words.

The 24-year-old singer’s mom, Joan Grande, had the BEST response when she tweeted out how sweet it was for fans to be so concerned with her once they noticed her struggling to keep her balance on the stool:

But seriously, though, those heels? That tiny stool? Almost-perfect composure? MAD PROPS, Ari.