Ariana Grande Accused of Copying “No Tears” Video from High School Musical 3

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Did Ariana Grande pull a Troy Bolton?!

Last week, AG dropped a music video for her first single, “No Tears Left to Cry,” off her upcoming fourth studio album. In the footage, the 24-year-old singer can be seen walking on the sides of skyscrapers, on ceilings and basically just defy gravity.

Overall, the vid is super dope and seemed pretty original when we first saw it last week… but things have changed since then. Fans have been flocking to Twitter to point out that Troy Bolton (Zac Efron‘s three-time Disney Channel character) actually did the whole walking-on-the-ceiling thing first in High School Musical 3 during the song “Scream.” Yes, we know this sounds crazy and obviously Troy Bolton probably isn’t the first person to ever walk on the ceiling during a song before — we know this — but fans are literally tweeting that Ari pulled a Troy Bolton! One fan went even as far as to put the tune under the scene:


Ya gotta love the Internet, man. Here’s what some fans are saying on Twitter:

But we gotta get your thoughts on this now: Do you guys think Ariana ripped her music video off of a scene from High School Musical 3? And how badly do you want a collab between Troy Bolton (a.k.a. Zac Efron) and Ariana now?!